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Guizhou Lingfeng Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd possesses a Maojian planting base of about 24,711 acres locates in the south of Duyun City with rollinghills, canyons, streams and forest,which involves many  enterprise-run tea cooperatives. The unique landscapeand      climatic conditions, along with high altitude, low latitude and short sunshine duration here make it the most suitable place for the growth of tea trees in China.In addition, the average annual temperature is about 16℃ and the precipitation 1,400mm, which alsoforms the special flavor of the tea.

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The company stick to the concept of relying on science,technology and innovation,and always paying special attention to the improvement of the product quality and research and development of new products.The company has successively made exchanges and cooperation with the well-known Taiwan and Fujian tea enterprises in respects of technology and talents.The company produce the best quality kung fu black tea by the most mainstream modern scientific and technological production methods.

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Dongshan Laowangpo,Gantang Industrial Park,Duyun City,Guizhou Province,China
Duyun City, 558000


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Guizhou Lingfeng Technology Industrial Park Co.,Ltd
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